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Apr 24, 2007 at 09:36 AM

blank space..............


my requirement is that i have to accomdate three windows in a page

1) <b>main window</b>

2)<b>to display some text</b>

3) <b>total window</b>

2 and 3 windows will be displayed at the end.

but when data comes to mutiple pages the sapce is left in place of 2 and 3 window

how can remove this data inside main is only displayed.

e.g cosider page lenght is 30 cm

1) <b>main window</b> -

> 15 cm

2)<b>to display some text</b>----

> 10 cm

3) <b>total window</b>----

> 5 cm


so except last page in print all pages has got 15 cm balnk spcae.