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Date format in Master Inspection Charactetestic

Jun 16, 2017 at 05:06 PM


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Hi Gurus,

We have requirement of Updating the 'expiry date' value,based on the date (will be updated as a result against the 'MIC') entered during 'inspection lot' result recording.

Expiration date of Semifinished will update based on standard SAP functionality (based on Manufacturing Date)

Here...User will enter the Expiration date of FG , in the inspection lot- result recording of SFG.

Please suggest how we can fulfill this requirement.

Currently we tried with MIC linked with Class char (NUMERIC Format). But the batch master updating the 'class characteristic' in Numeric form. Here we need this characteristic value in ' DATE format.

Where as the linking of MIC & Class characteristic only possible, if the class characteristic is of NUMERIC / CHAR (char- only as 'selected set') DATA Type.

So please kindly share your thoughts or suggestions about this requirement.




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2 Answers

Arijit Banerjee Jun 20, 2017 at 07:04 PM

A few days back Craig put a answer around this matter. Please can you explore this a bit more.

Below is the discussion and Craig's response :)


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Craig S
Jun 21, 2017 at 04:04 PM

Why are you trying to use a MIC to record this??

The SLED date of the batch is right there on the UD screen to the right of where you enter the UD Code.

Just enter the date there.

I recommend that you add the characteristic LOBM_VFDAT to your batch class. (This is a standard SAP characteristic).

By adding this characteristic you'll get additional change documents in the classification tab of the batch when reviewed in MSC3n or similar transaction. This helps track expiration date changes.

If you need one person to enter it as part of goods receipt or some review, have them enter it as the MIC description with a pass/fail. They can mark it as a PASS if it matches the calculate SLED. Have them mark it as a fail if it does not match. Then who ever does the UD can update the SLED in the UD based on the info recorded in the description for the result.


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Former Member

Hi Craig,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes,currently we don't have any issue with SLED for component (SFG) material. It is updating perfectly,in the similar way mentioned in your answer.

The criticality in our requirement is that, business also would like to update the Finished Good (FG) Shelf life Expiry Date value,as one of the characteristic,within the batch master of Semi-Finished Good (SFG),which will be taken as Quality certificate(COA) input.

Reason behind this requirement was,Business send this SFG material to subcontractor for packaging & it will be received from Subcontractor as FG after packaging. So while issuing the quality certificate, business would like to update both the SFG & FG material expiry dates on same certificate print output.

So, here we put one of the characterestic (FG material SLED), additionally in SFG batch master & want to update this characteristic value automatically some how. Currently user updating this value from MSC2N.But some times user missing to update this characterestic.

So,keeping this problem in view,they would like to update during 'result recording', input for one of the MIC.

So,please suggest,is it possible to update the newly added characteristic(FG material SLED) with the date value,based on user input in result recording of SFG inspection lot.

Thanks & regards




Without knowing your rules for determining the SLED of the FG (utilizing the SLED of the SFG), it's hard to give you an exact answer.

But I would look at creating a batch characteristic that has it's value calculated by a dependency which uses the SFG SLED in the calculation.

So you assign characteristic LOBM_VFDAT and FG_MTRL_SLED to the batch class for the SFG. Then in the dependency for the characteristic FG_MTRL_SLED you use the value of the standard characteristic LOBM_VFDAT and perform whatever calculation you need to detminer the FG_MTRL_SLED. I'm assuming that the FG_MTRL_SLED is NOT always equal to the SFG LOBM_VFDAT and some type of calculation is done to determine it. The report out on the COA the batch characteristic FG_MTRL_SLED value.