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Apr 24, 2007 at 08:51 AM

FB05 - Customer Incoming Payment


Hi all,

I notice that FM POSTING_INTERFACE_CLEARING can caters the functionality of FB05. Now, I have a requirement to clear document by Accounting Document Number, and I am quite confused on how to slot in the entries to function module tables (T_BLNTAB, T_FTCLEAR, T_FTPOST, T_FTTAX), though I have read through the documentation. Below are my data:

<u>Import Parameteres:</u>

I_AUGLV = EINGZAHL(incoming payment)


<u>Header Data:</u>

Doc and Posting date.

Doctype = DZ.

Currency = USD.

Company code : 9000

<u>Item Level:</u>

Item 1:

Posting Key = 40

Account = 720100 (G/L Acct No)

Amount = $100.00

Profit Center = 150000

Item 2:

Posting Key = 06

Account = 1500026510 (Customer Account No)

Amount = $100.00

Text = Clearing using Customer Acct No

Item 3 <i>(Full Payment Made)</i>:

Posting Key = 40

Account = 610010 (G/L Acct No)

Amount = $100.00

Item 4 <i>(Partial Payment Made)</i>:

Posting Key = 40

Account = 610010 (G/L Acct No)

Invoive Amt = $500.00

Amount = $100.00 (locate in Residual tab's Items column)


1) Since line items is posted by matching against document number itself, how do I place the amount and document number, so that the correct posting is made?

2) Should I place the document numbers that I wish to post in T_BLNTAB?

3) Based on the documentation, T_FTPOST must have the following pattern, where K = Header and P = Item:





Based on the data above, how should I place my header and item levels into T_FTPOST.

4) After some reading, I notice that T_FTCLEAR is relating to structure BSELP (which has 18 sets of FELDN, SLVON, SLBIS), what is the relationship between these, and what should i do with T_FTCLEAR?

Appreciate if someone give me some ideas or sample code who has overcome development on FB05 (Post with Clear) using FM POSTING_INTERFACE_CLEARING.

Many thanks.


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