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Apr 24, 2007 at 07:50 AM

Error or not in BBPSEARCH 1000 BHTML?


Hi forum...

I have just had a strange problem in the Enterprise buyer...

I was told that the "Extended search" link was not showing on the browser screen in our development and QA system, but was showing in the production environment.

Finding the Business HTML template was no problem:

SE80 - Internet service: BBPSEARCH - HTML template: SAPLBBP_PDH_SEARCH 1000.

I compared the Business HTML templates from Dev/Prod - 100% alike.

This threw me of the trail for a while...

Looking closely at the Business HTML, I found something strange (from line 364):

    <td valign="bottom">
      `if(GV_ADDITIONAL_CRITERIA.value == "X")`
        `BBPNavigation("", label=#ADDITIONAL_CRITERIA_CLOSE, "", "", "", "", jsFunction="smallSearch();" onclick="return clickURLLink()", tooltip=#ADDITIONAL_CRITERIA_CLOSE)
        `BBPNavigation("", label=#ADDITIONAL_CRITERIA, "", "", "", "", jsFunction="bigSearch();" onclick="return clickURLLink()", tooltip=#ADDITIONAL_CRITERIA)

In my opinion this code is wrong, as the two BBPNavigation-lines are NOT terminated with the " ` " char as I think they should have been...

By adding the two " ` " chars, the link came back onto the screen...

Now, can anyone explain to me, why this (faulty?) Business HTML code seems to be working in the production environment, but not in the Development and QA environments?

Thanks in advance for your time!

Have a nice day!

Best regards

Per Christiansen