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Jun 16, 2017 at 02:03 PM

GRC 10.1 single role not assigned


I have seen this question asked a number of times but no one seems to have an answer so I will ask again.

Tech Spec:

GRC 10.1 SP 16

GRCPINW V1100_731 SP18 Plug -in system

NOT a CUA environment.

I have gotten provisioning of a user to a single role to work but when Run the Repository synch job after the update and then try to remove the role that I just added to my test user I gett the dreaded "Single Role Z**** is not assigned to a user in System XXXXXX. The Remove action cannot be performed"

Again I have run the repository synch job and it allows me to see the role on the user and select it to be removed but I still get the error.

I have given my RFC ID's SAP_ALL/NEW just to ensure it is not a rights issue.

I am not getting any errors in SLG1

I have defined my "Change" 02 request type and maintained the below actions.

I do not think it is an MSMP issue as I am not even able to get past the initial start of the selection process to initiate the Workflow.

All previous searches on this topic (which there are a few) refer to notes that have already been implemented in my environment as I am as the latest service pack level.

Any help at all would be appreciated.



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