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Apr 24, 2007 at 06:32 AM

sbwp create new document


Hi all experts,

i want to create a new document via a function or method in the inbox of a receiver. I already looked for SO_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1 or SO_DOCUMENT_INSERT but it seems that these function are just for creating a email to an external partner.

I also try to use the method "cl_bcs=>short_message" but with this thing i have problems creating the right receiver table, because it is a deep structure.

DATA: it_send_text  TYPE BCSY_TEXT,
      wa_send_text  TYPE soli,
      it_rec        TYPE BCSY_RE3,
      wa_rec        LIKE LINE OF BCSY_RE3

wa_send_text-line = 'some text for the message body'.
append wa_send_text to it_send_text.

*wa_rec-recipient = CL_SAPUSER_BCS=>CREATE( SY-UNAME ).
wa_rec-recipient = 'USER_NAME'.
append wa_rec to it_rec.

CALL METHOD cl_bcs=>short_message
    I_subject       = 'doc_title'
    I_TEXT          = it_send_text
    I_RECIPIENTS    = it_rec

can anybody help me? I though this is an easy one to create a document?!