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Migration Procedure for SAP Contract generator CLM

Jun 20, 2017 at 04:39 PM


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Hi Experts,

Please help

Requirement is to migrate CLM Contract generator which runs on IIS with Microsoft word installed on Windows Server 2003 to Migrate to Server 2008.

Please can you help us with steps and approach to be followed



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2 Answers

Matt Fraser
Jun 30, 2017 at 10:32 PM

Hi Avinash,

I adjusted the tags on your question slightly, as I don't think the "E-Sourcing Contract Generator" is directly related to the Enterprise Portal, is it? I added "Software Logistics" as most upgrade or migration questions fall into this category, and I added "Windows Server" as your question seems to be mostly around changing your OS release.

I suspect you already know that Microsoft (and therefore by extension SAP) doesn't support a direct upgrade of Windows Server in-place if there are any non-Microsoft applications installed on it (not that it's not technically possible, it's just not supported). So, presumably you are planning to install Windows 2008 on a different host and then migrate your application to it (via system copy?).

System copy guides generally spell out the procedure in details. You can generally find the guide you need via the table at Although, with the Contract Generator component, it's not sure if it's really just a reinstall; I'll leave that to the Sourcing/CLM experts.


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Joseph Sebastian Aug 04, 2017 at 02:39 PM

Hi Avinash,

The eSourcing contract generation web service is a small installer package you can download from the marketplace. That has to be installed on your new server as there is no migration procedure.

Since you are making a change to your eSourcing environment, please consider switching to the new Java-based web service; IF your eSourcing version supports it.

Read the blog The New SAP Sourcing and CLM DOCX Generation Service.

Best of Luck,

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