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Apr 23, 2007 at 02:59 PM

Org determination


Hi CRM gurus,

I was trying to set automatic Org Determination wherein I want not only the Sales Org, but also the Distribution Channell, Division, Sales Office, Sales Group to be pulled in automatically.

Here is what I did so far.....

The CRM is mapped to corresponding Org Units in R/3 (in other words, the Middleware is setup fine).

I have checked the check-box "Object Permitted in Determination". Have the necessary attributes setup.

Created my own Org Data Profile which has "Orgl Model Determin. Rule" 10000177 (OrgUnit by partner attribute: Country), and had this Org Data Profile assigned to my custom Lead Transaction Type.

Now, when I try to create the Lead, the Org Determination seems to work fine, but it does not populated the Org Units without asking me to check from the list of options. The Sales Org and Division seem to be fine, but the system's still not sure which Distribution Channel to select especially when I have "Excluded" all the DCs with the exception of one (so, in a way, I have made it easy for the system to choose the only active DC, and leave no options, but the system still lists the 'excluded' DCs for selection). And I have no clue as to how to fix the Sales Office n Sales Group selection. First it asks the Sales Office and Sales Group to select, and after selecting that, the system asks me to select the DC. In case, if I select the 'excluded' DC, the system throws up an error message. So when the system knows which one is the correct DC and which one's the wrong one, then why does list all of them?

I'll appreciate your help n will provide max points as soon as you provide the solution 😊