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Apr 23, 2007 at 01:43 PM

Change length of Info object



I have an infoobject with NUMC as data type and length 3. I need to change the length to 4 and keep the data type same. This infoobject is included in 6 or more ODS and cubes and is also a navigational attribute of another info object.

The infoobject already has MD loaded in it via a flat file. it can also be loaded directly through R/3, but the team has decided not to pursue that option.

My question is: Can I change the length to 4 without emptying the cubes and ODS? If so, how will it affect my MD? Is there any way to change the transactional data in the cube to 4 padding it with zero?

The only option that I see in front of me is to delete all the data in the infoobject. pad the data in the flat file so that it is 4 digits instead of 3 (I think I should be fine even if i don't do this). Delete all the ODS and cubes that contain this info object. Also delete all the data in the other info object that has this info object as a navigational attribute. Reload all the ODS and cubes and info object after the changes have been done.

Any other suggestions?