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Former Member
Apr 23, 2007 at 01:04 PM

real time queries to know more about live project


Hi All,

I am new to XI, I have some doubts about real time xi project related activities.

1. Who will be responsible for preparing the minutes of meeting? (XI Developer/Team Lead/senior consultant etcÂ…)

2 In usual Dev->QA->Prod project cycle...

  • Where would the Configuration and Version Control come into picture?

  • Who is responsible for configuration process of the developed objects?

  • How the configuration process would be in real time XI project? Are we needed to use any external configuration/version control tools like VSS etc..?

3. I come across the terms like Legacy Systems, Third Party systems, SAP systems, Non-SAP systems, Web Systems.

In real time project, can you please answer with few names for each type of systems above I had mentioned? I know this depends on landscape of the project. But I would like to know how the names of these systems would be in real time.

Like .. for Legacy systems --> Mainframe/AS-400 etc (Pls correct me,if i am wrong).

These questions could be very basic questions for Experts. Please answer these questions.

Thanks in advance.