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Apr 23, 2007 at 12:39 PM

Selecting Time period according to attribute


I have a query which displays SalesRep Visits for a period around an event date. The event date is an attribute of the event. When you start the query, you choose the event by a variable ZVVASEL. The period displayed in the query is then choosen as 6 month before and after the event date, as stored in the attribute. To do this I use a second variable ZVMRVA, which is filled by an user exit.

This does work very well once I start the query. If I select an other event using the filter, the period is not changed. Is the User exit which fills ZVMRVA not triggered? Is ZVVASEL not filled, when I change the filter ? Any ideas ? Should I switch to another approach to change the period ?

What I would like achieve is, that the time period around the event date is changed, once another event is chosen (by changing the filter). Any idea how I do this ?

We use BW 3.5, SP 17.

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