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Some very basic questions about SAP Vora


I am basically from an ECC background and very new to Vora. Out of academic interest, I was reading about Vora, and some confusions are still not cleared. Please help.

1) I have read that, SAP Vora 1.3 has the SAP HANA integration, which allows you to bring in the data from SAP HANA, and combined with the data from Vora. Is that mean the previous versions of Vora could only read data from Hadoop and not HANA, and correlating the data between two system was not possible?

2) I have got only the chance to view the screens of 1.2 version of Vora, where the Hadoop data (tables, views) is only available(for eg. in data browser). So from 1.3, the Hana data (tables, views) will be also displayed in the same place?

3) Vora read/correlates data from Hadoop and Hana, and data scientist use tools like Zeppelin to consume that data to generate analytical reports. Is my understanding correct on this? If its correct, how do they access those views created in Vora from Zeppelin? I mean, whether these Vora views will be available in their Zeppelin?

4) Also how these Vora views are accessed from Hana?

5) Is it only possible to read data from Hadoop and Hana, or whether we can write/change data to Hadoop and Hana using Vora?

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    Jun 21, 2017 at 08:50 PM

    Hi Johann,

    Here are a few responses to your questions..

    1) The HANA-Hadoop integration has been available since Vora1.0 but with 1.3 we introduced a new interface (HANA Wire/voraodbc) to connect b/n these 2 layers. this provides an alternative to the already existing spark controller interface

    2) that is correct, with 1.3 onwards you can call HANA tables/views from Vora modeler - so here the BI consumption would happen from the Hadoop/Vora side and you are exposing the HANA data virtually to the open source world

    3)Zeppelin is a "developer" tool and not an "end-user" tool and is used to execute complex SQL, Python, Scala code to interact with the data in Hadoop/Vora systems. you will be able to access Vora tables/views from Zeppelin once you register them to the catalog

    4) from HANA you can expose the Vora tables as Virtual Tables (SDA concepts) - so a HANA calc view can have HANA tables and Vora Virtual Tables

    5) you can use Vora to write Hadoop data to HANA but "write to Hadoop" is a roadmap feature planned for future releases.



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