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Why does the payment batch in doesn't appear for automatic payment?


I am facing trouble while preparing the automatic payment file in SAP, I have done everything the same as mentioned below and appears to work completely fine until I go to the Liquidity Management Outbound Files to download the payment file, but unfortunately the file does not appear there. Attached is the screen shot of the trouble I am facing.

Any help in this regard would be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

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Hi Antonio,

The Payment run is a run which creates payment proposals for payments, based on the open items under the suplier account monitor, in case of Payable for example.

The payment run creates payment proposals, which contain all due invoices and any cash discounts granted for immediate payment. You can check the payment proposals, and release, postpone, or cancel them as necessary.

You can access the payment proposals through the View Payment Proposal button. A payment proposal list contains all open items (for example, invoices or credit memos) that the system proposes for payment within a single execution of a payment run. You can use the payment proposal lists to check internally initiated payments before they are executed.

Please, check out the help document "Create and Edit Payment Proposals".

Once you are done with the payment proposal, you can click on "Execute Payment" to forward the payment to the Payment Management work center (Payment monitor view) or to the approver of the outgoing payment.

The payment media run does exactly what you've mentioned. As a consequence, the payments which were ready for transfer, E.g. outgoing check, are set to In Transfer.

Please, also refer to the following help documents for further details:

  • Payment Media Runs Quick Guide
  • Electronic Payment Formats

In case this address your question, please mark it as answered.

Thank you.

Best Regards,


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  • Hi Idrees,

    1) Step 10 & 13 Compare the data

    In step 10, you will see the payment with status ready for transfer, Select the payment and in the details section, note payment method details, Payment medium format. This should exact match with the input parameters for the payment media run which is shown in the step 13.

    Also if the file has been created then you will see the outbound file id here as well. Since you do not see the file in the outbound file view, I am assuming that this detail will not be visible. Since the status of the file has been changed by the run, I assume that the payment was processed but it failed to generate the file.

    2) Step 14 -

    Click on the application log ID and go to results tab. Here you will find the information on the payment media run execution.

    To see whether the file has been processed or not.

    Looking at screen shot, I am assuming that the problem lies here. there is no error, information or warning raised, Ideally there should be at least one Error or information.

    On the same screen, Click on the View Job, Go to Run jobs and click on view job log. Run itself would have failed and hence file is not generated (Probably due to incorrect Details in the file or file format).

    In summary there should be an error either in view Job log screen or Application log. Please check this and if you find details, share this details so that I can suggest way forward.



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    Hi Harshal,

    As per your advise, I went through the steps you've mentioned and it seems that you are correct. The Job Log is failing and is not generating the file, you can find the screenshot of it attached. The file format and details are correct I believe.

    log-id-screentshot.pngIt has been not the case when I did the payment for EURO currency, everything worked out properly for EURO, since I tried to the payment run for GBP or USD, this problem occured. Would it be possible for you to send me a complete guide on how to do the payment run to avoid this problem(maybe I'm the steps that I'm following are incorrect somehow)? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

    Best regards,


  • Hi Idrees,

    Steps which you are following are correct, Problem here is the mismatch between the payment data and run selection.

    Please compare the details in Step 10 & 13.

    In Step 10, I don't see entire screen/ All the details, like payment medium format and payment method details. So I am guessing that payment was not determined by the payment media run to create file.

    Why it was not determined? May be due to one or more field in selection screen of the run differs from details which are determined in the payment.

    Can you check this?

    If not, You can raise incident to SAP (With the Job log error and details of payment media run) to get details on what exactly is missing. You can also refer them to this thread.



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2 Answers

  • Aug 15, 2017 at 11:34 PM

    So, here is a follow up general question -

    what if you have several bank accounts, and want to always use a specific bank account for a specific supplier? For example, payments out of one profit center by one bank account. This is tough, because we have thousands of suppliers, so individually putting that into the configuration is not practical. Supplier master would be a great place to designate this on migration, but there is no field to specify the BYD bank account to use to write the checks. The payment proposal seems to be automatically selecting a bank account - but it is often wrong, and I don't know what is driving it. Additionally, you cannot change the selected bank account for multiple suppliers at one time, but rather have to do it one by one. Any suggestions to make this easier would be welcome.

    Thank you!

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  • Nov 15, 2018 at 02:13 PM

    I need to know that is the exact Business object name of Payment Media runs !!

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