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exact character spacing

Jun 19, 2017 at 01:18 PM


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I have problem in one report when using Arial - in text objects where I write the text directly it works with exact character spacing, but when the text object is a database field it does not work with exact character spacing - it does not change at all.

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1 Answer

Vitaly Izmaylov
Jun 19, 2017 at 10:20 PM

If I need fixed spacing between characters, I always use "Courier New" font.

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But it is the customer who have choosen Arial not me, and they want Arial.


and why is it working when I put the text with Arial directly into the text box?


Crystal Reports renders text based on the following elements:

1. Printer Driver

2. Version of text rendering .dll loaded from Windows OS - usp10.dll

3. Font installed on the machine

Does the problem reproducible on another machine? If yes, then play with above elements to find the cause.


The databas text is in HTML - that is the problem - spacing does not work if it is HTML. If I do not use HTML then Crystal removes Carriage return at the end of the text.

Inger Björå

Hi Inger,

If the field has HTML formatting then Crystal won't undo that. If you can create a formula that strips away the HTML tags and get just the text you want, then you can use that formula in the Text Object and it should work.

Good luck,



If Carriage return is the only show stopper then potential workaround is to add the carriage return character at the end of the text using formula: {text field} + chr(13)


Thanks for your help! I skip HTML and put a chr(13) at the end.