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Apr 23, 2007 at 05:33 AM

ALV Problem- Urgent


hi all,

i have requirment in alv like.

i am displaying output using alv list display. after displaying i have my own pf status here. in this i have one button called 'POSITION'.when i click this button it will call one screen say 101. in this scren i have 3 fields like appln,appln number,partner number. when i enter any vale it will search the entry in the ouput and keep the cursor there. i wrote the logic here. because of this logic as follws.

after filling the vales in screen 101 when i press ok i wrote code as follws. my original internal table is it_secobjects. using this table i am displaying output.

my code as follows.

refresh : it_secobjects. <- this is my original internal table.

select single * from zuser_secobjects

into w_itab1

where appln = w_apln and

appln_user = w_user and

appln_partner = w_partner and

partner_type = w_ptype.

if sy-subrc = 0.

append w_itab1 to it_secobjects.

clear it_secobjects.

clear w_itab1.

perform exclude_pfstatus.

set pf-status 'MAIN'.

perform alvlist_disply.

perform clear.


message i000 with text-i16.

perform clear.

leave to screen 0.


what happend it will search that entry and displpay that entry in a separate screen not in current screen. so please tell me how to write the logic for this.

thanks in advance.