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Apr 23, 2007 at 03:32 AM

One sender, one receiver but muliple mappings - how to map only one of them



I have Idoc-XI-jdbc stored proc scenario. The idoc contains a field table_name. There will be only one idoc at a time having only one value in table_name field. But there are 30 possible values. So I have 30 different message types and 30 message mappings and interface mappings, because on destination there are 30 different stored procedures(only one is triggered at a time)

There is one to one mapping between table name and stored procedure, so if table name is a, i want 1st mapping to trigger, if table name is b, then only 2nd mapping should trigger not others, and so on.

The receiver expects only one of the stored proc to be triggered. so how do i put conditions in my incoming idoc to map to a specific mapping.

Please do not tell me that i have to use BPM, as i am a selflearner and this is just my 4th XI interface and do not know anything about BPM.