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Apr 22, 2007 at 12:23 AM

BDC - No batch input data for screen SAPMSSY3 121????


Hi Experts,

I am enhancing the Goods Movement BDC program of MB1B.

When I am executing this BDC prog. directly by inputting the required data, its working well.

But, When I am running it in the <u><b>Debug mode</b></u> (to know the control flow), at the

<i><b>CALL TRANSACTION 'MB1B' USING bdcdata MODE 'N' UPDATE 'S' MESSAGES bdcmsgcoll</b></i>

statemrnt I am getting the SY-SUBRC 1,001 and the error message(in bdcmsgcoll) is,

<i><b>No batch input data for screen SAPMSSY3 121</b></i>

(When I hv checked this - SAPMSSY3 121 screen in SE80, Its a Debug screen!)

and the document is not creating and the stock is not updating!


1 - Why this is happening like this (coz of Synchronous mode?, actually, earlier with other prog. also happened like the same, but that time its test prog. I mean to say that, i guess this is a commmon problem with BDC! I am sorry if am wrong! )?

2- How to fix it?


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