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Apr 21, 2007 at 03:05 PM

Few basic SRM questions .......


I recently completed the SRM training from SAP and I have few basic questions and need help. Full points will be rewarded.

These are my questions and it is based on SRM 5.0 Classic Scenario with R/3 backend

1. Invoice & confirmation transferred to R/3 via ALE ? . All other documents are transferred to R/3 via RFC?

2. Based on the configuration, if the material is available in the backend then reservation will be created. Other wise PO will be created. For text items, PR will be created.

a. Who (purchaser) will process the PR in R/3 and how it is processed?.

b. Who (purchaser?) will process the reservation in R/3 and how it is

processed?. Assume no sourcing is setup in this case and No MRP run.

3. How the vendor is linked to the Material or product category in SRM?. During the vendor replication from R/3, vendor and material/prod category link is automatically maintained?

4. How the vendor is linked to a specific purchasing org/group? Is it based on the prod category assigned in the org structure for each purchasing org or purchasing group?

5. How to do delta prod category replication?

6. How to do Delta Material Replication?.

7. Contracts and vendor list:-

In our SAP training we created these from the browser. But in the actual

implementation how do we create this?. Is it always from the browser?

8. Direct Material and Plan driven Procurement.

Can we use catalog items as direct material?. Just for example - > What

about ‘Car Batteries’ that is directly used in production and has the inventory

also. But we are using electronic catalog for procuring this item. Is it possible to

order this as direct material?

9. How to replicate Plant. How to use DNL_PLNT?. Is BBP_LOCATIONS_GET_ALL will replicate all the PLANT's and its locations from the R/3 backend?

10. In the HR system, which transaction we can view the org structure?