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Apr 21, 2007 at 11:15 AM

r my settings correct. Iam trying since yesterday & iam unable to proceed.


All Gurus,

Below are my configuration settings for RELEASE PROCEDURE(WITH CLASSIFICATION)

for PR in SPRO settings:

SPRO->MM->Prchasing->PR->Release procedure->release procedure vth classification->

Edit Characteristics:nsachar1_pr


Data Type:Currency



Addnl Data:Table Name:CEBAN ; Field Name: BSART.Release strategy is 032(From Pull down menu).

saved it & transported.

Edit CLASS:nsaclass1_pr


Valid from:21.04.07

Same classification:Activated check vth error.

Character:nsachar1_pr from pull down menu.

Saved & Transported

Set up procedure with class:

Release group:

New entries: created & saved but my group was not saved & got one error.

Error: MSG No ME492

Here u can assign release groups to release classes. Only one release class should be used with in the release groups for over all release & the release groups with out over all release in each case. However, in this instance several release classes have been used.

So after understanding this message i created one group with the existing class(i.e FRG_EBAN).My group is XX.

Release Codes:

New Entries

Group Code Description

XX NS Team Lead

XX JS Project Lead

Saved & transported.

Release Indicator:

New Entries

Release indicator: X BLocked-1429(Description)

Didn't tick any thing else.

Release Indicator: R Release PR 1429


Released for quot(ticked this)

Rel. for ordering(ticked this)

Release Strategy:

New Entries

Release Group:XX

Release Strategy:RS Release Strategy 1429

Release Codes:

NS(From Pull Down Menu)

JS( """")

Release Prerequisites:


NS Blank Blank

JS Tick Blank

save it

Now clicked Release Statuses

NS JS Release Indicator

Blank Blank B(Blocked)

Blank Tick B

Tick Blank B

Tick Tick R(releases)


Release Group XX

Release Strategy : RS


Values for class FRG_EBAN XX RS



Release Simulation:

Release Grp:XX

Release Strgy:RS

Release Codes:

Release to date

Final Release : NS JS

Release indicator X Blocked

These are my Release strategy configuration for PR.

Iam unable to release my PR. It says PR 11 can't be released. Msh # MEPO822.

pls. help me if iam wrong. Since yesterday iam trying this & iam unable to release it.