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Former Member
Apr 21, 2007 at 04:57 AM

select query


Hi all,

i have following select statements. i had to get the out put as follows.


pspid posid banfn ebeln lblni.

my select queries are:

select pspid werks from proj into table p_proj.

select posid werks from prps into table p_prps for all entries in p_proj where werks = p_proj-werks.

select banfn werks lblni from eban into table p_eban for all entries in p_prps where werks = p_prps-werks.

select lblni ebeln banfn from essr into table p_essr for all entries in p_eban where lblni = p_eban-lblni.

select ebeln from ekko into table p_ekko for all entries in p_essr where ebeln = p_essr-ebeln.

thing is i need to loop them to get output as mentioned above,can any body provide me code for this.

thanks in advance