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Former Member
Apr 21, 2007 at 03:11 AM

How to better direct members where to post quesionable activtity/posts?


It seems like this forum is becoming a dumping ground for people pointing out questionable threads, e.g. copyrighted material being posted, people gaming the points system, people posting other folks material as their own, etc.

I'm glad that members take an interest in trying to report these possible shenanigans, but it does take away from the purpose of this forum - to offer comments and suggestions.

What ideas are out there to try to make it clearer as to where these type of questions or reports should be directed?

- Clarifying in the Rules of Engagement what belongs here and where folks with an issue to report should go might help.

- In the forum description itself, perhaps more specific direction/emphasis, instead of

<i>this forum is for the exchange of suggestions and improvement ideas regarding the SAP Developer Network and the Business Process Expert communities. If it is an SDN/BPX system bug please report it by clicking here. [Wiki FAQ]</i> it might be good to expand on that with something like ' <i>If it is an SDN/BPX system bug please report it by clicking here. <b>If you are reporting questionable activity or posts, please report that here</b>.'</i> - with the <b>here</b> being a hyperlink, then again, maybe folks won't recognize that it's a hyperlink and will think this is the place .....

Or maybe we just need a magic button to fix all problems.......

Any other suggestions?