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Report that can display employee detail and payroll posting information


Does anybody know of any report that could display what we posted to payroll (employee, GL, amount) but that could also display more detail of the employee organizational assignment?


a) employee, personnel area, personnel subarea, ee subgroup, position, emp cost center, WT, Amount, CostElement to where the WT was posted.

In payroll there are reports that can give me the the employee amounts per personnel area, subarea, etc.

In the payroll posting, I can see the employee, cost center, GL, the amounts, but I can't see the employee detail.

Do you know of any standard report that can display both things(ee infotype 1 detail and GLs and amounts posted?

Thank you!!


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2 Answers

  • Jun 17, 2017 at 09:08 AM

    Hi Nancy:

    Do you know report RPCIP_DOCUMENT_ANALYSE? Could it help you? I think it would give what you already have as it won't output personal area or group but would do so for controlling are (KOKRS) company (BUKRS) cost center (KOSTL) division (GSBER) and other cost element as well as employee ID (PERNR).

    To my knowledge there is not standard option to list posting and PA data together.

    Posting is done based on FI element (company, cost center and division, order) and not on the HR structure itself (geographical and organization wise) so breaking down cost can only be done with the same basis.

    If after all consideration there is indeed no report that enables you to achieve what you want and somehow you decide to go down the path of custom reporting you should consider the following:

    - One thing is what is in OM and PA infotypes, another in PY tables and yet another one in the PP posting tables.... On the FI side it's also possible to alterate the cost center with substitution... say cost posted to coster center A always are moved to cost center B.

    A report that could allow you list element from PA while querying element from PP could lead you to inconsistency.

    a) During May employee 1 was moved from personal sub area A to B on day 15 of a monthly payroll period; company and cost center remains the same and not all your wage types or cost are splitted according to WPBP.... how would one represent this then in a list that link cost entries to subareas?

    b) Or yet again let say May payroll was run, successfully posted to FI and consequently the period was closed. Your PA admin then early June then did a retro transfer of an employee with effect from May 1st from personal group 1 to 2, or even from position 1 to position 2.

    PP has no difference because it does not have this data and will never have it. PY still has personal group 1 and position 1 in the current A result (this one would turn into a P result during the next payroll evaluation and generate a new A entry due to retroactivity with consequence on the posting in the following period); PA has personal group 2 and position 2.

    You could always align your HR struc to FI struc so that one cost center exactly is a specific unit of HR but experience says it's like trying the unit the string theory with the relativity theory.



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  • Jun 19, 2017 at 05:57 PM

    Hi Antoine,

    I know report RPCIP_DOCUMENT_ANALYSE, but it doesn't give me the HR data that I need.

    I just found report RPUDRG1, that gives me PA, PSA, EeSubgroup, Cost Center but lacks other details like position, org unit, etc. and the performance is not good for large mount of employees. I still have to test it further, I guess it will be a good start for a custom report.

    As you mentioned, our problem is that the HR detail remains in the payroll, once we post the payroll to FICO the only link is the employee number, but no detail of what split created the amounts. We are a unionized environment with a large auxiliary and TFT employee population. Employees jump between personnel subareas or employee subgroups within one pay period and we run years back of retro settlements for collective agreements or restructure employees retroactively and we use substitutions. This makes it very hard to try to find/develop a report that can merge accurately HR and FICO data.

    Thank you for taking the time to answer and your valuable comments.

    Best regards,


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