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SAP HANA on-premise XSA WebIDE 2.0 SP 1: xml Views are not updated correctly

I'm not sure since when this happens, but I realized in the past (maybe since the last patch) that not all views are updated correctly.

Now, I was struggling with it again. After I realized this behavior by my colleague, I can confirm that the same behavior concerns me. I compared more different views in the same project. I can say, that especially this view was not updated.

I was explicit building this web modul more times, in hope it would help, but it doesn't.

Also what I tried, I removed this file by an working file, but no way. Still the same. No update!

Once more, tried this same view within the Cloud WebIDE. There it works fine!

If I check for the changes by the local WebIDE layout editor than it works fine.

And yes the flag for disabling the cache was set.

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  • Ok, I found out, that after I deployed this project in a different space than it works!

    Does it mean it could something to have to do with the di-builder. Would you recommend that we should delete this di-builder in the space where we do have this issue? Only, restarting the di-builder didn't solve the problem.

    I was also watching for some issues within the di-builder logs, but couldn't find something.

    Thanks for helping us!

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2 Answers

  • Jun 20, 2017 at 04:51 PM

    Hi Carl,

    we were updating our WebIDE from SPS1 to SPS2. After that I was checking especially this view and can say, that for this time the issue is solved.

    An other interesting behavior is, that we can see only on one properties file in our on-premise WebIDE, but there are more of them (ie. i18n_de, _us and so on). If I export this project to a local folder than I can see they are there. In the cloud WebIDE I can see them also. I was removing them there and added a new file, but always the same. But at this moment I don't care about it, because it does work either.

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    Former Member
    Jun 19, 2017 at 10:27 PM

    Hello Dirk:

    Can you provide some more detail on what xml view you are referring to?



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