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Apr 20, 2007 at 12:33 PM

Regarding reading data from a file in the application server.


Hello Everyone,

My question is:

The file in the application server consists of data with header, detail and trail out of which the detail contains the main information. The detail again contains the data in the form of a continuous string and again some spaces corresponding to a single record. I need to split the data in the internal table in such a way so that the first few characters get into field-1 of the target internal table. Again I need to consider the spaces for accessing the data for filling up in field-2. How do I decide on the 'Split' statement and specially when the whole string has to be taken care of as contatining data in a single string format without space and again some data after some spaces corresponding to a single record.

Your help is very much needed. Thanks to all the experts in advance.