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Former Member
Apr 20, 2007 at 12:12 PM

what is the transacion code for enhancement SAPLV0IF ?


Hi all,

I am facing a problem. I have to write a code in exit_saplv01f_001 and exit_saplv01f_002 for populating the shelf_expiration_date value in the selection criteria of create batch strategy transaction which is one of the characterisic.

the logic for calculating that date is given. Now any exit is trigerred by its transaction...In this case the transaction is vch1 but i cannot find the required call-customer function in the program of the transaction....As a result I am not getting an idea that when the exit will be trigerred..there is no save button as such...My requirement is that the user will put value in one characteristic and the exit will calculate the expiration date using the value of this characteristic....What i am thinking is as soon as the user inputs value in the characteric in selection criteria of vch1 the user exit is getting trigerred and the value of expiration date is populated in the selection criteria screen. ..Please help me with this...Also tell me how the exit is getting trigerred....