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I updated SLED of a batch in MSC3N. But why did I get an email that I changed using VL32N?

Jun 16, 2017 at 05:53 AM


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I had updated the SLED of a batch in MSC3N once. But I have got an auto-generated mail that I have made changes on the batch, only when the PGI is done. That mail comes up with a message, "Batch change has been made using VL32N by XXX"

XXX is the person who did PGI of the batch.

Its urgent, please explain why

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Jürgen L
Jun 16, 2017 at 06:02 AM

The quickest answer you can get is by asking your colleagues as such email is not SAP standard and must have been developed by your IT organization on user request.

If you google the message then you will see that this message text was never mentioned before in the Internet, which is unlikely for a SAP standard message.

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Yes, I know that the triggered email is set up by our org. But I just want to know why have they set up an email after VL32N. Does PGI has anything to do with the a batch SLED date change?


You can only know why they did it by asking them, nobody here can answer this . I also think the mail for VL32N has nothing to do with your earlier change, but how can we know, maybe they evaluate change documents and send an email if somebody changed data that was earlier changed by somebody else. This secret has to be discovered in your company only


Thank you :)