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Jun 16, 2017 at 05:20 AM

Debit Memo Request without DP90


Hello All,

I would like to know the impact of creating a debit memo request directly without using DP90 for resource related billing.

We are storing the required information for creating a debit memo request on Service Order. Upon technical completion of the service order, we will create a debit memo request directly without executing DP90. This will be executed automatically.

Reason for not using DP90 is, the customer wants full flexibility and control over creation of debit memo request. Under certain conditions, which are user controlled, system should consider the items for Debit Memo Request.

And under certain conditions, the same items, should not be considered for Debit Memo Request.

We will update the service order on Debit Memo Request under the accounts tab, to have proper accounting practice.

I would like to understand, if this may have any adverse impact on the process.

I am aware that in this case, we will loose the Document Flow for the service order. Apart from this, will this have any impact.?

Please share your thoughts on this.

Thank you.

Best Regards,