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Design Studio 1.6 Prompt Unmerge keeps on breaking

Jun 20, 2017 at 08:51 PM


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Hello Dashboard Gurus ,

I am currently on Design studio 1.6 SP2 Patch 1 . Here is the scenario we have -

The Dashboard is a 4 quadrant single page dashboard which shows 4 charts for historical performance and 4 KPIs on top to show current performance .

We have a initial prompt screen that asks for prompt values and the dashboard in turn runs all the datasources at startup and displays everything at one shot .

There are two BEx queries we have identified who are slower than the rest and causing the slowness in the dashboard .

To address this we decided to unmerge the prompts and apply parallel processing .

All the queries have same prompt . So I decided to have 'Load in script' - False for one query and True for all the other BEx queries.

At the Application level these are the settings we have -

Only One Prompt is kept . The one which is defined as 'Load in Script' - False

The DataSources are defined in Processing Groups like this

At application startup we have simple script like this APPLICATION.loadDataSources([SPEND,SPENDPPVMATERIAL,SPENDPPVPLANT,SPENDPPVPURGRP,MATERIALSPEND]);APPLICATION.setVariableValueExt("CICFCMCOMCO",VENDPERF.getVariableValueExt("CICFCMCOMCO"));APPLICATION.setVariableValueExt("FIGLCMFYR",VENDPERF.getVariableValueExt("FIGLCMFYR"));

When we run the dashboard all seem fine -

We also have a Dashboard 'refresh' option . hitting which should open the prompt screen again and user should be able to provide new values to re-run the dashboard . But problem lies here . The Refresh button has script like this -



APPLICATION.setVariableValueExt("CICFCMCOMCO", VENDPERF.getVariableValueExt("CICFCMCOMCO")); APPLICATION.setVariableValueExt("FIGLCMFYR", VENDPERF.getVariableValueExt("FIGLCMFYR"));

When we hit the refresh button the Prompt screen gets totally broken .Have anyone faced this issue ? It keeps on breaking at the drop of a hat and there is no clear way of fixing this . The only approach sometimes seem working is to re-define the prompt from scratch . Am I doing something wrong code-wise?

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                  Do you get an error message that the prompt is broken when you refresh? Which version of BW are you using?


                  Hello Tammy ,

                  Thank you very much for your response . No ,I dont get any error message as such . The BW version is 7.5 SP5 . It's just the usual error sign comes at the left bottom of the prompt screen asking to provide values which goes away when all values are provided .


                  So when you say "When we hit the refresh button the Prompt screen gets totally broken" do you simply mean that the unmerged prompts are being displayed in the prompt dialogue when you are expecting merged prompts to be displayed?


                  Yes Mustafa . As you can see my code approach is correct and it's supposed to take care of the prompt when I hit the refresh button .

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                  1 Answer

                  Tammy Powlas
                  Jun 21, 2017 at 09:05 AM

                  Sourav - there were some known issues with Prompts in Design Studio 1.6 SP2 with m mode- please see SAP Note

                  SAP advises to upgrade; could you try that?

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                  Hello Tammy ,

                  thanks for the direction . However I have not used M-mode here . Nevertheless I will look into it . Judging by what you see in the code snippets ; do you reckon my approach is wrong?


                  Hi Sourav - it is hard for me to say since I don't have a similar app in my system. But I do recall a lot of issues with prompts in earlier versions of 1.6.