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Apr 20, 2007 at 07:59 AM

New Object instance


I have a method call dumpEnvelope,

if everytime i call the dumpPart , i will call the dumpEnvelope,....

if i call dumpEnvelope , i want to create a new object of inMailBean

how do i do that....

previously, what i do is like this...

InMailBean inMailBean=new InMailBean();

only create 1 instance of object...

i want everytime i call dumpEnvelope((Message)p,out,New OBJECT ->inMailBean(),invalidMailAck)


dumpEnvelope((Message)p, out, inMailBean,invalidMailAck);


dumpEnvelope(Message m, PrintWriter out, InMailBean inMailBean,InvalidMailAck invalidMailAck){