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Apr 20, 2007 at 03:55 AM

Value Help Goes Behind!


Hi Experts,

I have developed a model in VC where at first 'layer' we give input form to the user. And below that i have placed a 'HTML view' where the information for the input form is shown.

Now the problem is- When user selects the 'value help' for any input the value help screen goes behind the HTML view and user is not able to 'select' it by clicking 'done' button on it. If we adjust the layout so that HTML view is a bit lower and 'Show in- Center property' of value help is unchecked still it is visible 70% and 'Done' button is not visible.

I tried to search for z-order of this view (like z-order of input boxes and other such controls) but there is no such property for HTML View or Value Help view.

Please help.