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Former Member
Apr 19, 2007 at 07:27 PM

Support Pack modifications



I am applying support pack stacks to the DEV ECC 5 system , then to QA a week later for some project testing.

When I apply the support packs to DEV, it asks for modification adjustments to be made for modified SAP objects, using SPDD then SPAU, the developer has done this, put the changes in a transport on DEV and I completed and cofirmed the import ok.

When I import the support packs to QA, do we need to make the same modifications via SPDD and SPAU at that stage of the import 1 & import 2 in spam? it looks like on Basis 640 you have to make the modifications there and then before you continue the import? i'm used to basis 46C when you had 14 days to decide on modifications after importing the support packs, you would then normally just import the transport created when you modified DEV SPDD&SPAU, but it looks like the SPAM import actually stops now for the modification, when do you import the DEV modifications transport into QA?

We are running EEC5 BASIS 620 in Windows 2003/SQL 2000.