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Apr 19, 2007 at 03:04 PM

line-count/page number in alv


My report is a z copy of FBL5N .In that i wud have included the page no as a part of the heading , my issue is, since it is display some other information like customerr number company code name etc., my page no will also display only if the top_of_page event is called , but this will be called only if the info related to the first customer is printed it will call the event again say for example like my inpur is for customer a customer b company code a company code b if the records for customer a and company code a combination is over it will call the top-of-page event again so it doesnt matter for any number of number say like it can even have 100's of records in the display for this entire 100 records my page number will be displayed as 1 for the next combination it will be displayed as 2 but when i try to take the printed copy 100 number of records cannot be displayed in a single sheet in that case my page number shud vary but since the top-of-page event is called only once for the entire 100 records it is displaying repeatedly as 1 only how can i sove it