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Apr 19, 2007 at 02:53 PM

Error in schedulinq parallel sequences with flow production operations


We have a routing with a standard sequence with operations in wich we have set "Continuous flow prod"

and "Min. Send-Ahead Qty=1".

We have a parallel sequence as well with operations set in the same way "Continuous flow prod"

and "Min. Send-Ahead Qty=1".

When you run the transaction "MD11" to create a planned order for the item the scheduling of the operations is correct

as regard the standard sequence,the system, correctly, schedules the operations overlapping

them according to lead time set in the operation details.

But the last operation of the parallel sequence is scheduled to finish the whole lot before the operation

following the "return operation" . The system doesn't overlap this operation. In this way the

last item of the last operation (in the parallel sequence) isn't finished at the same time

with the last item of the "return operation" (in the standard sequence) as we like it would be.

We have set "Backwards scheduling" type on customizing and we use the "Alignment key= 2 "

for standard sequence and in the parallel as well. We have also tryed to set "Alignment key= 1"

in the parallel sequence but the results are howewer not correct.

In conclusion the schedulation of continuous flow production operations

doesn't work properly between operations belonging to parallel sequences.

Could you suggest me what to do?

Thank you.