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Apr 19, 2007 at 01:42 PM

How can we see Last Date and last quantities in Bex Analyzer ?


Hı BW Gurus,

I have a query that shows consumption quantities for a material regarding to a date interval. On initial screen i specify a material and a date interval ( 01.04.2007 - 15.04.2007 for example). Then query brings total consumptions(261 and 601 movement types) for materials. I set up the query according to stock cube.

But my client wants the last consumptions (last 601 and last 261) quantities and dates in a different columns. When we include calendar day it can be seen easily all the lines day by day. But we dont want to include calendar day. Thus for one material only one row will be exist. Report template will be like that:

On initial screen we defined april 2007 , Output:

Material Total consump. quantity Last Consump. Quant. Last.Cons.Date

XYZ 457 76 18.04.2007

PS: 76 is included in 457.

How can we achieve this result?

Thank you all indeed

Evren Temiz

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Evren Temiz