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Jun 19, 2017 at 01:45 PM

SAP MDG Custom data Model - IF_USMD_PP_ACCESS~SAVE not called after SUBMIT


Hi experts,

i'm new about MDG world, i'm trying to develop an UI interface that get a file from local machine and upload file content in custom table.

I created a new data model from existing one, i modified it according to the new requirements properly.

I can run the application, fill change request description, note, and attach a file from local machine (image A1):


after that, I'll delete table content, I'll Get Data from Attachment, and populate LIST table (image A2):


in order to complete the process, I'll click on Submit button, a message confirms that the Change Request has been submitted (image A3):


In fact, however, there is no storing data in DB table (Image A4). NOTE: There is automatic approval process (no action from approver user).


I implemented an ABAP Z class for Data Model, that contains IF_USMD_PP_ACCESS~SAVE method. Using ABAP Break Point, i verified that the method is not called after Submit (no debuggin session will start).

do you have any suggestion?


a3.jpg (17.1 kB)
a4.jpg (49.6 kB)
a1.jpg (179.9 kB)
a2.jpg (223.0 kB)