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MRP Run for Configurable Material

Hello All,

The requirement is as follows :

Finished product A has a material BOM B.Material A and B are both configurable material.Material B is a raw material with characteristic ORIGIN and GRADE.

When a MTO Order is created for material A and after saving the order the client wants that during MRP Run the system should check the stock for material B and prompt the user to input the characteristic values for ORIGIN and GRADE.Suppose the current stock for material B is 100 for ORIGIN=Delhi and GRADE=A and there is a deficit of 10 Kgs of material B ORIGIN=DELHI and GRADE=A.The system should generate a PR or a Planned Order for material B (Origin=Delhi and Grade=A) for the deficit quantity for MAterial B and the user should be able to input the values against the characteristics during MRP Run.

I have defined the class as 200 for material B and procurement type as X and strategy group as 25.

How to configure the above scenario in standard SAP.

Someone please help

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2 Answers

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    Jun 19, 2017 at 02:24 PM


    MRP run may take a couple of hours (especially if you are using variant configuration), so it is usually executed as a background job. In this case, you cannot prompt the user for anything, as you cannot show a screen during a background job.

    If you are using variant configuration, all characteristics must be defined at sales order level, before the MRP run.

    When working with batches and grades, my suggestion is to use material quantity calculation, but then it would only work at process order level, not at MRP/planned order.



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    Former Member
    Jun 19, 2017 at 02:42 PM


    Help me understand the problem.

    When Material A is produced, Material B is needed. Material B is configurable, & has multiple configuration to choose from.

    When Material A is produced, what kind of Material B is needed is passed for requirement when Material A Planned order/ Process Order/ Production Order is created. Is it fixed in Material A BOM..?

    if that is not fixed in BOM. & Material A is produced against a sales order, what kind of Material B is required, how it is chosen..?

    Also when MRP is ran, it rans on background, it need to know what kind of B is to picked.

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    • Hello Anand,

      Thanks for your response.

      Material A will be produced with material B.During sales order creation the user will be prompted to enter the characteristics origin and grade.Based on this combination of origin and grade the system will determine the appropriate batch wherein the grade and origin mentioned in the sales order will be used for mrp run. Suppose Origin is New Delhi and Grade is A as mentioned in the sales order.The system during MRP run will look for ONLY THOSE BATCHES(Suppose there are six batches where only 3 batches exist for the said combination) WHICH EXIST FOR THE ABOVE COMBINATION i.e. ORIGIN = NEW DELHI AND GRADE=A and generate the planned orders OR Purchase Requisition in case sufficient quantity does not exist in either of these batches.

      This is the requirement.