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Former Member
Apr 19, 2007 at 12:06 PM

File Adapter Not Working Proper


Hi XI Experts,

Here, we configured Idoc to File Scenario using File Adapter. We are getting errors in records while receiving the Text File.

The error we r getting in those record of the file where some data is missing. After which whole records get curropted. ForEx:


Store ArticleCode ArtDescription MerCat Amount TaxCode

3022 130000000 Shirt FMCG 200 k5

3022 130000001 Short FMCG 150 k5

As above line items have allthe fields filled so uptill this text file we r getting is error free.

3022 130000003 shirt

3022 130000004 masalas fmcg 50 k1

As in above line item few of fields are missing and whole recordsafter this record get corrupted. And weget following corrupted data

3022 130000003 shirt 50 fmcg

3022 130000004 masalas fmcg 50 k1

Can something be done with FCC ????

As this is effecting the business Please reply ASAP.