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Apr 19, 2007 at 10:14 AM

Table ROMDDELTA is not client-specific Error when transporting


I have used the standard datasrc 0MM_PUR_VE_01 ,in this datasrc I am getting the score data related to MM like price ,Service where as the quality score data which I needs to get is a Zdevelopment there whrere not using the std they made a z report & created a ztable whenver they run the report that data gets stored in that table-this table is specifically made for me in order to show the price,service,quality scores in one report

The standard datsrcs have the following field in its structure

EKORG Purchasing Organization

GESBU Overall score

HKRIT Key for evaluation criterion

HNOTE Score for Main Criteria

KRTYP Scoring method

LEBDT Evaluation Date

LIFNR Vendor Account Number

TKRIT Subcriterion

TNOTE Score for Subcriteria

I asked then the quality table also to be consists of the same fields

Now 300 is our golden client I have created the datsrc here & saved it then its ask for the workbench request .Now our Quality server is on the same server but the client is 400 now whatever workbench request we have we transport it to 400 by going to t-code scc1 now whenver I select my request here and transport its giving me the error

Copy Tables from a Client

Table Ins. Del. Upd. Func. kByte Time[sec] Time

Log -> See Transaction SCC3

Table ROMDDELTA is not client-specific

Table ROOHIECAT is not client-specific

Table ROOHIECOM is not client-specific

Table ROOSFIELD is not client-specific

Table ROOSOURCE is not client-specific

Table ROOSOURCET is not client-specific

Table ROOSSEG is not client-specific

Error in object R3TR1 OSOA2 3

Selected tables : 7

Processed tables : 0

Storage required (KB) : 0

Program ended with error or warning, return code: W

Runtime (seconds) : 9

End of processing: 14:00:45

But I can see my datsrc in my quality server & data in rsa3 but the problem I s when I am loading the data in to BW when I do Initialization it is showing me no data available where as when I am doing full update it is getting the records so what is the problem

I think the problem is with the above errors occurred when I transport by datsrc

Kindly suggest me