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Accounting Document not automatically released SUMMARY

Jun 16, 2017 at 10:32 AM


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Hi Guru's

After reading the title, Please hear me out first:

So this is an issue of the accounting document not being released after the creation of Invoice.

Our normal scenario is for the accounting document to be automatically generated after creating the invoice.

SOLUTION is: to Release the document to Accounting via VF02 or VFX3, once done, the accounting document is successfully created WITH NO ERROR LOGS.

PROBLEM IS: To IDENTIFY what causes the Accounting Document to not be automatically posted? i've read a lot of articles but no definite cause.

Steps i did to check this error:

1. Check if POSTING BLOCK for that Doc Type is ticked in VOFA. - Not ticked; as i said, our standard is to have it automatically released.

2. When checked for the Posting Status at Header Level, it is - Error in Accounting Interface; BUT AGAIN, when released via VF02 of VFX3 no error message.

3. Checked for AcctAssgGrp in Invoice Header, it had a value assigned to it.

4. In VF03, Top menu bar, Environment -- Account Determination Analysis checked for the Error Message. NO ERROR MESSAGE HERE.

5. Checked all Material Pricing Maintenance and conditions -- ALL OKAY

6. Compared those invoices generated on the same day(June6)

Only IRREGULARITY that we found:

Invoices with Billing Date of June 6 and Invoice date(Created on)of June 6 had the accounting documents.

Meanwhile the Invoices with no accounting Documents had Billing Date of May 31, while Invoice date(Created on) was June 6.

-This is because our billing date is with reference to the Actual GI date in the DO.


Could the difference in Billing Date and Invoice Date(Created on)be the cause as to why the accounting Documents are not released? and why?

Sorry for the lengthy post, but i just want everyone to know the steps i did to identify THE CAUSE because that is what business is demanding to know.

Thank you very much!!

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1 Answer

G Lakshmipathi
Jun 16, 2017 at 12:50 PM
Could the difference in Billing Date and Invoice Date(Created on)be the cause as to why the accounting Documents are not released?

Did you check the FI posting period ? Most probably, this could be the issue.

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Hi G Lakshmipathi,

Thanks for taking time to answer my query!

Our posting period for June is open but still we allow posting to previous month, which is May.

Sorry i don't know anything about FI but why would the difference in the Billing Date and Invoice Date cause the accounting Documents to NOT be released? is it because it is two different periods?

Thank you so much!


There might be, of course, some custom code resulting in unexpected outcomes...

I suppose, that you have already come across this document: General Information About SD-FI Interface, but I am posting the link just in case you did not and you need an easy overview of possible places to look for custom logic.

Did you also check SM13, ST22 for suspicious entries? After confirming that there were no authorization problems, these would be the next places, where I would look for clues.

If difference between billing date and invoice creation date is the reason for no accounting document generated, this would mean, that you could easily reproduce the problem in a test environment and then debug rv_invoice_document_add (which is safer to be done in DEV than in PRD).

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Hi Vaselina,

We haven't been able to check for custom codes/logic because we currently have no programmer but we're looking into hiring a 3rd party for this as well.

Yes we've also checked the authorization of the user who created the invoice but there were no issues found, i'll now check via SM13 & ST22.

And one more scenario that we found:

Invoices were all created using ONE account, however:

001 - No Accounting Document - Bill Date May 31 - Invoice Created Date June 06

002 - WITH Accounting Document - Bill Date CHANGED(as per checking the change log) to June 06 - Invoice Created Date June 10

003 - No Accounting Document - Bill Date May 31 - Invoice Created Date June 10

This scenario proves one email thread pertaining to the same error, but not necessarily gives us enough explanation or understanding WHY the difference in Billing Data & Invoice Date causes this, especially when explaining this to Finance & Accounting people.

Thank you,