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Apr 18, 2007 at 05:22 PM

external jars not added to war during build



I'm trying to port a (very simple) Webapplication to NWDI.

I have the following scenario:

3 Development components (thus far under my LocalDevelopment) directory.

1. J2EE ear file

2. Web application war file containing a single Servlet

3. An external library containg a jar file in which the Servlet depends.

For the Library DC i created 2 public parts one for compilation and one for assembly.

I added these public parts in the "Used DC's" folder of the Webapplication.

Compiling and Building the EAR file works fine the jar is included in the WEB-INF/lib directory on assembly.

I have now been given a track in an NWDI envrironment. I guess my first question is:

Is it possible to import projects into NWDI form LocalDevelopment ?

Anyway, given that the Project was rather trival recreating the 3 projects in NWDI wasn't that much work. I repeated all the steps: creating public parts etc. and activating as I went pretty much according to

With the exception that I had to create an additional public part for assembly.

The problem is that the JAR file does not get included into the WAR on assembly.

Is the development process different when dealing with DC's locally and via NWDI ? Do I need to add addtional references or assembly instructions.

I'm working with NWDS 7.0.09

I have to say I am at a complete loss why the Jars aren't included.

Thanks very much in advance for any hints.