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Apr 18, 2007 at 05:13 PM

I_STEP=3 this is urgent , please help.


Hi ,

I was writing a user exit .Now in the popup(selection screen) , there are two Multiple single options/Optional user entry variables, A and B.The requirement is that either one of them should be given for the query to run.

if both of them are not given , the user will be shown an error message and the query selection scrren to be shown again .

I cannot make any of them mandatory(that is also within the requirement).

Now how do i use I_STEP 3 to solve this problem .

I was under the impression the following piece of code should work.

if i_step = 2.

....... (Some other manipulation which is working) ......


if i_step=3 .

read variable a.

read variable b.

if a is iniitial and b is initial .

message e001(zz).



However it is of no use as the program is not going to I_STEP=3.

I would like to be informed whether my logic or method is incorrect .What is the correct procedure to achieve this .

Thanks in advance .