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Former Member
Apr 18, 2007 at 03:29 PM

Marketing Segmentation - Create Filter


Hi all,

I'm working on a CRM 5.0 project in the Marketing area.

The business provides a couple of simple requirements that it seems not covered by standard functionality.

In the CRMD_MKTDS or CRMD_MKTSEG transactions

<b>1.Create a filter with more than one single values.</b>

for example, if I have an attribute like the "contact permission" (but000-contact), i would like to create a filter as "equal to 1 AND equal to 3" that is like saying "in (1,3)"

<b>2.Create a filter with values from different attributes.</b>

for example, a value from the "product family" (zeu00-ZZ0011) and a value from the "main article group" (zeu00-ZZ0012)

Note: Of course the user can drag an drop single filters on the screen joining them with AND/OR. But is there any way to create such a filter a priori?

It would be nice to get an answer also from any SAP member to know if this simple and useful functionality will be added in the future.

Thanks in advance