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Apr 18, 2007 at 02:18 PM

0fi_gl_10 extractor - problem dividing into packets



I m using 0fi_gl_10 extractor with ECC5. I understood from the OSS that it acts different when we use "full" load or "init".

1. I didnt succeed of doing "full load" then "init without data" and at last the "delta".

According to OSS I had to do first "init with data" and to divide it to many info packages in order to load many records and afterwards do the delta.

<b>Is someone did something else ?</b>

2. when I want to get the delta, I see that the extractor take one packet of about 400000 records (for example) and do not divide it into small packets.

This causes a problem because when the system is busy there is not enough memory to handle this big packet. So the request do not go well and I had to maintain it all the time.

I had also used table ROOSPRMS and changed the packet size in R3 but it works only for Full Load.

<b>does anybody has a solution ? how do I get the delta without those problems?

How to divide the packets in EXTRACTION ? Is someone has another tips maybe of ROOSPRMS table ?</b>