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Apr 18, 2007 at 01:12 PM

CAF Application is not running, as soon as it consumped by a webService



my CAF Application is still running in the CAF test browser, and i get the right response and so on.

As soon as I create a webservice it doesn't run. Every time I've got an error msg (below), but I can't find the mistake.

I attached the error message of the webservice Navigator:

Serializing object [;@c5e070 fails. Nested message: XML Serialization Error. Object of Class [] does not have property [AverTimeCanceled] of type [java.lang.Long]. Check if the right object is passed to the serialization routine..

I attached a part of my quellcode.

QueryFilter qf = new;

qf.condition = QueryFilter.CONDITION_BETWEEN;

qf.isDate = true;

qf.dateValueHigh = l_endDate;

qf.dateValueLow = l_startDate;

qf.datatype =;

filterMapIssue.put("date", qf);

// -


for(int a = 0; a<=numberOFentries-1; a++)


String l_topic = l_topics[a];


// -

Topic nach Status auslesen -

for(int i=0; i<=2; i++)


String l_status = v<i>;

filterMapIssue.put("firstLevel", l_topic);

filterMapIssue.put("status", l_status);

// -

Liste aller Entities zu Topic + Status----

List entrie = new ArrayList();


entrie = this.getIssueService().findByMultipleParameters(filterMapIssue, true, ""); // HERE THE EXCEPTION IS THROWN ... with the error message above


catch(Exception e)





Did anybody know problems like this?

Thanks in advance,

kind regards,


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