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Apr 18, 2007 at 01:44 AM

Delete records vis EJB


Hello experts

I have created entity and session beans to conduct database transactions. My database table has the following fields

room_id -- string

room_name -- String

For the entity bean RoomsBean, the default methods ejbCreate(String a, String b) and ejbfindbyPrimaryKey(String a) are created that I uase to create a record in the database and find a record in the database.

Now, I need a method to delete records from databse. How do I create that method? Is there a default method that I can use to delete a record? Do I have to create a method and use EJB QL to do it?

If I have to create a method, then where do I create it as the options under ejb methods are

1. create methods

2. find methods

3. home methods

4. select methods

please help.