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Apr 17, 2007 at 02:23 PM

Internet Sales 4.0 (R/3 Edition) Order Templates


Experiencing a perplexing issue with Order Templates in our production ISA application.

Randomly, and I cannot pinpoint it any better than that, when a customer creates an order template, saves it, then attempts to immediately call up the template via the transaction history pane (or by searching for it)...a message box appears stating "The requested document could not be found. It was removed from the transaction list."

What is really annoying is that this doesn't happen all the time, maybe only 2 in 15 times when trying to pull up a newely created template.

I thought it might be the products I was putting in the template, but that doesn't appear to be the issue. I can put product XYZ in the template, save it, and view the template just fine. Then a minute later create a new template with product XYZ, save it, and then get the message box when trying to view it.

Example of what I see when I search for all created templates...

100 - saved and can view fine

102 - saved and can view fine

103 - saved and can view fine

What you don't see is template 101, which is missing. I was told it got saved after creation, yet on a full search, it doesn't even appear in the results!! And when I successfully create a new template (and can view it), you'll notice that the system skips over 101 and calls the new template 102. This makes me thing that the 'bad' ones are getting saved because SQL is assigning a new number to it.....

If they are indeed getting saved, why can't they be viewed?!?