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Former Member
Apr 16, 2007 at 06:06 AM

senario for the BW server and client as compare to ERP server and client.


i mean there is an diffrent client for the ERP server like :

( in our case client are distribbuted as under )

development ( 210 send box, 200 custmization, 220 customization/development testing, 230 development)

quality assurance (310 testing, 320 end user training)

production (410 pre production, 420 production)

and according to that transport reuest or clinet copy is done from the 200 seried to 400 series.

While BW server is client independnt ( as per i know - if i am right ).

than how client senario in bw system?

or we use 2 bw server one for development and one for production?

can u guide me regarding this senario with which u have aware with.

what are the clients in bw and how we can make development and production diffrent in bw server .