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Jun 15, 2017 at 10:10 AM

Association with search help generated entitiy


Hi, i will simplify my problem in an example:

I have two entity types: user and region. Every user can have 0...n regions. Regions is generated with a Search Help.

This is my example data:

user {
userId: 1, (key)
regionKey: 10

region {
regionKey: 10, (key)
regionValue: Europe

I want to navigate like this:


.../users('1')/regions or /users('1')/?$expand=regions

My navigation already works but the regionKey gets lost in Method regions_get_entityset. To me, it looks like my Association is wrong:

The other way around it does not work, because if user is principal entitiy i can only chose userId as key field.

thanks in advance


sdfdft.jpg (45.1 kB)