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Apr 13, 2007 at 05:29 PM

PaySlip PDF


Hi all,

I have a development from scratch in order to simulate the ESS in MSS, and I would like to have the Salary Statement available.

I have identified a BAPI called BAPI_GET_PAYSLIP and I can retrieve the Output from the back-end in a table format. I have also identified a BAPI_GET_PAYSLIP_TO_HTML, however i would like to have an Adobe Form equal to the one I have in the standard Salary Statement in ESS. We already have a form created in the Transaction PE51 that has to be used, but we cannot present it in the intended way.

I've tried to create an Interactive Form in the NWDS side to fill it with a pdfSource returned from a BAPI. This source is in XSTRING as required, however it returns an exception.

"The initial exception that caused the request to fail, was:





I have also no idea how to fill the dataSource property. It requires a node, but I do not see where can I retrieve it.

As you see, we are a little bit lost in here.. we have some loose strings but no concrete ideas in where to start. Is there any way that this object can be prepared in the R3 side?

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Ricardo Nascimento.