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Apr 13, 2007 at 12:12 PM

Caching file documents in server cache


Hi everybody,

I have a question about caching files on server side. I have implemented an application in JSP/Java using several FM's to get pdf-documents shown in the browser from KPRO. I successful can access the files by using URL given by a FM.

My question now is, if there is a possibilty to cache the files on server side (J2EE/ WAS java) to reach a higher performance? Maybe similar to the BSP cvaw_document_search from sap. I have read in some threads but I'm still not sure how to push the documents into the server cache.

I'm a newbie in that stuff, so I hope somebody can give me an answers, links or code samples....

Thanks in advance,


P.s.: Points will be regarded

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